Thousands of hopefuls nationwide flock to the career fair in every state seeking to find the perfect job and or hopefully their lifelong career. In reality, for 99.9% of them, a job that pays well to very well is worth settling for, regardless of the field.

Think about it, how many graduates around the country each year are actually working in the jobs or careers that they planned for? Few To None! Why?, With hundreds, even thousands of potential hopefuls vying for the same positions that are limited to only a handful of qualified prospects.

My advice, take a lesson from the Harvard Handbook, ‘Why Look For A Job, When You Can Create One’. If anyone truly want to be paid the money that they feel that they are worth, creating a job, is the best option, ie, becoming an entrepreneur. For many, this may seem scary, but in reality, in today’s climate, it’s not complicated at all.

Becoming a business partner in a legitimate networking company will prove to be the perfect vehicle for those that are willing to work, instead of just trying to show up and collect a check. LifeVantage, for instance, a company that I happen to be a distributor for offers the most exciting opportunity that I have seen in my career, and the compensation plan is perhaps the most lucrative in the industry.

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