Finally learn the finer points of Network Marketing in today’s internet environment. Old school Network Marketing Upline Leaders are still using yesterday’s marketing strategies. WHY? Because they have not grown with the times. I’ve found that the majority have really no overall knowledge of the internet and how it works.

Most upline/leaders are only using Facebook and possibly even Instagram. This is sad. There are hundreds of social media outlets that are going untapped. But the BIG SECRET is,… The money, The REAL MONEY, is not on Social Media. It’s Not!

The Real Money is in search, Specifically, Google Search, Bing Search, Yahoo Search, etc. Leaders have not realized this. Having an internet marketing background, I have had the pleasure of working/learning from some of the best in the business. Network Marketing and Internet Marketing are Worlds Apart.

Tim Sales Presents the Most Common Questions About Network Marketing – MLM