Given the intent outlined above and in light of the work being done in other international for a, THE GOVERNMENTs of OECD member countries agree that further work should be undertaken and that this work should focus from the outset on issues arising from the following types of cross-border data flows: rapid technological change in the field of information , IT and communications companies, major structural changes in member states` economies. Computerized data and information flows are an important consequence of technological advances and are playing an increasingly important role in national economies. With the increasing economic interdependence of member states, these flows have an international dimension, called cross-border flows. The OECD should therefore pay particular attention to the political issues related to these cross-border data flows. Taking due account of their national legislation, you should intend to do so: this statement aims to clarify the general spirit in which Member States will address these issues. The governments of OECD member countries have agreed to cooperate and work together to achieve this important work and to promote the objectives of this declaration. Given the above, the governments of OECD member countries..