Enterprise agreements are governed by the new fair work system that began on July 1, 2009. It is Australia`s new national industrial relations system. www.thegeneralstaffunion.org.au/index.php/unsw/ public servants and community members who appreciate their services should be concerned about the cuts announced in this week`s budget. And we should expect further reductions. The Prime Minister advises Gary Sturgess, who had previously advised the Greiner government to lay off 50,000 public servants. Between 2003 and last year, Sturgess headed the Serco Institute, the research arm of a company whose global empire is expanding. Sturgess is an advocate for the primacy of the private sector – an ideology that assumes that the private sector is inherently more efficient than the public sector and should always be privileged. To enter into force, the agreement must be approved by a voting procedure by a majority of voters. An enterprise agreement is a voluntary and negotiated agreement between workers and their employer.

In most cases, workers will ask their union to defend their interests in these negotiations. The agreement is specifically tailored to their workplace and environment. Enterprise agreements are regulated by Fair Work Australia. If you are not a member of UNW CPSU, you can contact Ian Lisser, UNW CPSU Organiser, on 0408 213 339 or click on this link www.thegeneralstaffunion.org.au/index.php/unsw The new system is created by the Fair Work Act 2009 and covers most jobs in Australia. For more information on the agreements, visit the Fair Work Australia website www.fwa.gov.au Supporters of the public interest in the UK reacted slowly to the Big Society`s onslaught. In Australia, there have been only minor discussions about the federal opposition`s promise to “first” lay off 12,000 state employees, compared to the outcry that threatened a much smaller number of miners or manufacturing workers` jobs. Cuts to the public sector in nsw this week could prove valuable – they could spark a vigorous and evidence-based debate about the role, size and capacity of the state in a “good” society. While the ideology of “small government” touches a populist nerve, it does not replace informed public policy. For a live case study on the consequences of short-term cuts in the public sector, we can learn from the British “Big Society” experience. British Prime Minister David Cameron, in the name of community building and responsible economic management, has dismantled and relocated government functions to “any willing supplier.” There is growing evidence that employee productivity and efficiency “decrease dramatically when you have tired workers,” professor Stewart said.

Recent investigations have argued that the impact on employees of working long hours would be tantamount to “being drunk or high on drugs,” he said. The KPdSU has delegates throughout the campus to advise you on union membership, working conditions and your rights in the workplace. Mr. White said he had met with staff about 10 times in the past five years and told them that they had spent too much time in the office. The staff is made up of employees, mainly full-time, who do not receive overtime.